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IT Governance

Board Automation Services

  • The "Boards of Directors" have not yet benefited much from the automation in the enterprise and are still relying on the printed material and emails. This hampers the efficient running of the Board, especially when the Directors are on the move or when they want to participate more actively than the usual quarterly Board meetings. This also potentially compromises security, privacy and speed. The answer is "Board Automation", a trend fast spreading in the corporate world.
    Key Benefits are:
    Better visibility, efficient access, instant follow up, corporate secretary efficiency, document repository, confidentiality, security, traceability, reduced printing costs and enterprise- wide collaboration.


Technology Assurance.

Increasing dependence of business on technology is creating a new class of risks - technology risks - that need to be identified, classified and mitigated. The Management needs to be assured that the technology being adopted is timely relevant, sufficient, affordable and sustainable.

  • Assessment of IT Governance, IT infrastructure and data centers all based on best practices and international standards.
  • Assessment of the timelines, relevance, sufficiency, affordability and sustainability of a technology.
  • Assessment of the selection and deployment of a certain technology.
  • Recommendations on the rectification of the issues discovered in an assessment.


IT Transformation.

IT is a very dynamic aspect of business and it changes its form and extent very frequently. The IT employed in a business needs to be transformed periodically to keep it useful and helpful in business.

Realignment of IT and business, enhance efficiency of IT infrastructure and processes, optimal use of IT infrastructure, better management control of IT resources and clear view of relationship between IT resources.


Enterprise Social Networking.

Whereas social networking has become very popular, even necessary today, its corporate use is yet to become popular, "Enterprise Social Networking" involves the creation, facilitation, use and management of social relations among people who share business interests and or activities within an enterprise.

Benefits are improved degree of acquaintance between employees and other stakeholders, better visibility for employees to enterprise, efficient access by employees to relevant artefacts, better knowledge management through the efficient storage, confidentiality, security, traceability, and reduced printing costs.


Implementation of corporate governance IT solutions for enterprises based on BS 13500:2013 –

We help you select and implement solutions for the automation of corporate governance. This includes a completely integrated solution for governance, risk, compliance, enterprise architecture, process management and internal audit.

Audit of corporate governance IT structures and processes of enterprises based on BS 13500:2013–

we conduct a thorough audit of the IT structures and processes for corporate governance and give a thorough report on the strength and deficiencies. We also render advice on improvements.