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Corporate Governance “CG”


 Corporate Governance is to facilitate effective, entrepreneurial and prudent management that can deliver the long term success of the organization. “ECNC” offers management consulting solutions for governments, financial institutions, private and public listed companies, family groups, SME’s and business firms of all activities. “ECNC” designs, tailors, delivers& transfers governance know-how with applicable training.




  • Core Corporate Governance :

In order to improve your overall business efficiency, decrease your cost, defend corruption and fraud, avoid risks, establish effective internal controls, avoid conflict of interest, gain access to external capital and improve your firm’s reputation, you need to simply adopt the four basic principles of corporate governance which are responsibility, transparency, accountability and fairness.These are viewed by international markets to be the best business practice.

In this regard we are able to assist in building and shaping up healthy & solid businesses through the following services:


  1. Corporate assessment in view to establish a robust corporate governance framework including GAP analyses,  benchmarking with international codes & standards and  issuing of  related policies & documents such as Code of Ethics, Charter of the Board & Committees, Directors Code of Conduct, Whistleblowing, Confidentiality, Anti-Bribery Policy and others.
  2.  Preparation of Corporate Governance annual reports
  3. AGM preparation and running on behalf of companies
  4. Advice, assistance and preparation of Delegation Authority Matrix
  5. Evaluation of the Board of directors and board committees’ performance
  6. Board updates covering various important selected topics


Our Special Training Courses Include the Following:

  1. Expert Corporate Secretary Training Course.

  2. Annual General Meeting Training.

  3. Introduction to Corporate Governance for Senior & Middle Management.

  4. Corporate Governance awareness seminars to all employees.

  5. In-depth Corporate Governance Training.

  6. Directors Development Program for existing and new board members.

  7. Roles & Responsibilities of the Board of Directors and Senior Management training.